Winter is here!!

Why hello everyone!! First I want to say that I hope everyone is ready for the Nor’easter that is coming our way. I am pretty pumped because this means Eric gets to stay home from work tomorrow and we are already in contact with our neighborhood clan to see what the plan is to celebrate the storm tonight.

I wanted to share a few things with you about Molly Anne Photography.

1) My 2016 season is officially booking. I have to say that June is going to be a crazy month in 2016 so make sure you get on it. If you are getting married in 2016 it is NEVER too early to book your photographer.

2) If you didn’t know Molly and Sean’s 2013 wedding was recently published in Southern New England Wedding magazine. Congrats to you guys for having an amazing wedding, and congrats to me for being lucky enough to photograph it and have the opportunity to be published.

3) I have decided to make Molly Anne Photography its very own instagram account. That way if you want to follow my work but not my fabulous personal life you can do that. I will be updating it with current weddings, engagement sessions and a few throwbacks during the off season. Please be sure to follow it HERE. The name username will be: @MollyAnnesPhotos (I’m not ready to talk about the fact that MollyAnnePhotography was already taken).





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