Sarah + Geoffrey

July 11, 2018

Second day back at work and another blog is going to go live. I am literally busting my butt to get up to date. I mean it will happen I swear. There is nothing that gives me more OCD than a crazy long editing list. I honestly just sit there looking at it thinking “where do I even start”. Its such a horrible feeling. But the more I chip away at it the better I feel. I have just been shooting SO much its insane. I am off tonight, tomorrow night and Friday night so I think that will help getting my list down a little. But if you are waiting on images they are coming I promise.

Meet Sarah and Geoffrey. Sarah found me on Instagram and sent me a note explaining that her husband was getting out of the service and they didn’t have any photos of him in his uniform. Obviously the service was a big part of his life so it is a part that should be documented. I seriously was so honored that they asked me to photograph this for them. I met them in Charlestown where they live. It was perfect in so many ways to shoot there. What wasn’t perfect was the traffic getting there. Thank God Eric sent me a text saying that traffic would be really bad because there was a road race in the city. It took me SO long to get there and Waze kept getting me on and off the highway. I was starting to freak out a little. But the traffic was totally worth it because these two were so adorable in every way. I am seriously in love with all of these images and I am so happy that I was able to document such a huge part of their lives. Guys, it was so much fun and I hope to see you both again!

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