Nicole & Mark| Maternity Session


Happy Monday to everyone out there who reads my blog :) This time of year when things have been slow on the blog I start to wonder if everyone stopped coming to look. I certainly hope that is not the case. Like a bear, I am coming out of hibernation and things are starting to pick back up starting tomorrow. So, from this point on my blog will be getting a bit busier.

To kick off the start of many posts I would like to blog about Nicole and Marc. These two got married back in 2012. They literally just celebrated their three year anniversary the other day. What better way to celebrate then to have a baby on the way. I got to spend a few hours with these two on Friday and just like the old days we spent the entire time laughing and catching up on life. It means so much to me when clients ask me to photograph their baby belly and their newborns. My relationship with Mark and Nicole started back in 2011 when they came to my little apartment to talk about their wedding. They got to meet my crazy cat and they have been a part of my life since. So, for me to get to photograph them during this stage of their next journey makes me so happy. Sorry to get so mushy on you but it really does. I can’t even wait to meet their baby girl. In just two months she will be here and I get to capture the her first photoshoot :)


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