Molly Anne Photography was started as a dream back in 2010 out of a one-bedroom apartment, using financed equipment and a cheap (free) blog.  I knew I loved taking pictures, but running a business was something totally different.  How exactly do you get clients?  What is a sole proprietor, an LLC, an S Corporation?  Insurance?  Taxes?  IT, Accounting, Human Resources?  To say the least, it was a bit overwhelming.  If you had asked me then where the business would be in 2017, I never would have envisioned it would be where we are today.  This is all possible because of our amazing clients who have put their trust in us to capture their special moments and who have continued to spread the Molly Anne Photography love.

The vision was always to create the most amazing experience for every client from beginning to end, doing everything possible to ensure they are comfortable in front of the camera and completely satisfied with the results.  The number of clients who return year after year to capture their special moments is humbling.  It is amazing when wedding clients contact us down the road to photograph their newborn baby, who then make us their family photographer – THANK YOU!

In sticking with our vision, Molly Anne Photography has been super busy over the past year working on a number of things to improve the overall client experience.  ARE YOU READY?!?!?!




Albeit stressful, this past year has been the most rewarding.  On top of photographing some of the most amazing clients, we have been working on re-branding the business and designing/building completely new website.  As if that was not enough, Molly Anne Photography has moved into and created an amazing studio space.  This space allows for everything, from a comfortable client meeting area to a dedicated workspace for reviewing work and designing anything from save the dates to albums.  Oh yea, it also has space to photograph.  The old mill building we are in plays exactly into the Molly Anne Photography brand and affords endless opportunity; did I mention I have Prosecco?

This dream in 2010 now feels more like a reality and, except for a few gray hairs, we would not change a thing.  Molly Anne Photography is headed into the future, positioned to continue its promise of superior client satisfaction.  We really hope you enjoy the improvements we have made and hope you will continue to spread the love.

A huge shout-out to my husband, my friends, my family and my Tribe for your continued encouragement and support.  An even bigger shout out to all of my ridiculously amazing clients, without you Molly Anne Photography does not exist.  We literally love the crap out of you!!

Keep Dreaming!



I also want to give a huge huge shout out to Amy Farber who helped me come up with the design for the back of my studio. It was too big and I literally couldn’t wrap my head around it. Her killer plan put the final touches on this space and I couldn’t love it anymore!!

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