Why hello hump day! I am happy to tell you I have a fun little post to share today. It is kind of amazing that it even happened to begin with. This lovely lady sent me an email from Hawaii where she lives. She was going to be in town the next week for a few days. But, our schedules pretty much only matched up on one day. ONE DAY. The tricky part was going to be where to shoot. She was in town for work and didn’t love the hotel that she was staying in. I had been working on another big change for MAP and I wasn’t sure it would be done in time for this shoot. But, it was and we totally made it work. There is more to come on this exciting MAP news in just a few days.

I met Mrs. T (I am refering to her as Mrs. T due to privacy reasons for her job) back in 2010 when I was shooting one of my very first weddings. Man, I look back to that wedding and think about how long ago it was and how much my business/work has changed. A HUGE thank you to Amy and Tim for trusting me to shoot your wedding before I had anything to show you. But, that is where I met Mrs. T. When she reached out to me to do this shoot I was beyond excited. I have been wanting to do more boudoir and portrait shooting so this email came at such a great time. The fact that it was maternity and boudoir was extra perfect. Again, thank you for trusting me to do this with not much to show! I had a blast and I can’t wait to see pictures of the little one when he/she arrives! XO


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