Matt & Erin

August 29, 2018

I’m sorry. I am sorry that I have sucked so so so badly with blogging. This has been the busiest season of my career. I am trying SO SO SO hard to keep up with all of my editing, shooting, timelines, emails, albums, client meetings etc…. I have always prided myself on getting clients their stuff back SUPER fast and this season its taking longer than normal. I still promise galleries within two months, but typically I like to get everything back within a month. So the fact that I am not able to do that right now is KILLING me. This summer has totally been a true challenge. My business life has had its challenges and so has my personal life. I am super blessed to have amazing clients who understand. My goal is to try to get back to blogging. I will do my best, but worse case I will be blogging when my season comes to an end HA!

Meet Matt and Erin. If these two don’t put a smile on your face I don’t know what will. They are two of the happiest, sweetest people alive. Like legit I really believe that. Erin is the type of person that I don’t think ever gets mad. And if she does I would be scared because I think it would take a lot to piss her off. I headed over to Nantucket for their engagement session with a fun person it tow… ERIC. On top of this overwhelming summer Eric changed jobs right in the middle of it. So he had a few days off between jobs and came along for the ride. The four of us had so much fun. We wondered around the hysteric streets of Newport. I am pretty sure we saw every type of weather possible. Sun, HEAVY fog, and mist. We started downtown and ended at the beach with some champagne. It was such an incredible day that got me so so so excited for their wedding! You guys are amazing. Miss you both.

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