HAPPY MONDAY. I am super spent from this weekend. Exhausted, but so worth it because my clients rock. I am pretty sure my body is ready for fall, though. I cant handle the humidity ANY MORE. Like I am done. Today is absolutely perfect and I want to sit outside all day and soak it all in, but instead I am blogging this ADORABLE family that I love. I met these Kelly, Kyle and Kloe a few years back and was SO excited when Laura and Trevor told Eric and I that they were expecting. I have been obsessed with looking at photos of Brody growing up and boy has he changed over the year. I was so excited to spend an afternoon with this amazing family a few weeks back. I cant wait to show you how cute Brody and Khloe are together. I mean its like the most adorable thing you have ever seen. Guys you have such a perfect little family. I love watching Brody grow. Hes such a fun loving little guy!!


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