Oh hey there! I figured I would take a little break from all the weddings I have been posting to share a super cute family.  You might remember them from two years back. Actually… you might not because these guys have grown SO much. I mean its crazy just how fast kids grow. These two guys have the BEST style. I mean I am sure they aren’t the ones  picking out their outfits so props to their mom, Haley for picking out the most amazing outfits EVER. These guys are such studs. I am fairly certain they could be models. I mean its not normal how handsome they are. When you see their parents you will totally see where they get their looks from. Perfect family alert! We started our shoot on the bay side of Hull which was SUPER DUPER bright but I LOVE the bright images we got. After a little while there we headed over to the beach and romped around there. I seriously had such a great time with these guys and I hope every year you keep upping your outfit game!!!

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