Leigh & Joe | Willowdale Wedding

“Surround yourself with good people who are going to lift you higher. Life is already filled with people who want to bring you down”. Oprah Winfrey (YES I JUST QUOTED OPRAH). I needed to start this post with this quote because Leigh and Joe are two people who 100% bring you higher. They, their friends, and their families are people that are infectious. People who make you feel important and special. No matter how many weddings I shoot I still get butterflies and anxiety as I drive to a wedding. It is just something that happens and I hope it never ends because that is what pushes me to shoot my best each and every wedding. As soon as I stepped foot in Leigh’s bridal suite all those butterflies and nerves flew away. I didn’t need those feelings to push me. I had her. From day one she believed in me and my talent. Joe is the exact same way. Everyday I doubt myself. I think it is something that tons of photographers do. We are perfectionists and we always want to be better. But what Leigh and Joe made me realize is that I am the best that I can be each and ever day. I shoot my heart out at every single wedding. The difference is these two acknowledged it. They called me out on it. They kept thanking me and showing such appreciation. Lisa Gilbert second shot with me and the entire day we felt like guests. We honest to god had the best time. When it was time to leave we really didn’t want to. Danielle, at Willowdale was SO unreal to work with and I cant wait to go back and hang out with her again.

Leigh and Joe… Thank you for be making me realize why I love my job so much. You are two extremely special people and anyone who is part of your life knows this and is super lucky. You two really do bring people higher. Without even knowing it you taught me so much the day of your wedding and I hope that I never forget the way you two made me feel as a wedding photographer. Love you both so very much (and I mean that).

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