Its 12:10AM and I am STILL sitting at my computer editing. I am seeing double by this point but timelines don’t make themselves now do they? Every season I forget how INSANE fall is. I mean its intense. I have been sitting at my desk since 10AM. I took a break to go for a run and to watch American Ninja Worrier (obsessed) but that is it. OK OK OK I also made a batch of cookies but felt guilty for not working so I just made the batter and put it in the fridge to actually bake tomorrow. Lets be honest I also just was craving cookie dough so I snuck a few bites. If you are judging me we are not meant to be friends. That’s all I can say about that!

When I used to have a corporate job I used to get into my office (and by office I mean cube) and go through all of the wedding blogs I would stalk. If nobody had new posts I was pretty disappointed. So, by posting a really late blog like I am hopefully it will make you happy to have an adorable couple to look at when you get to work. Lauren and Pat are pretty awesome. They are laid back and just go with the flow. They gave me the whole “we are so awkward” speech before we started shooting but the first shot that I took is the first picture on this blog… SO I knew right away they were LIARS. Anyway, Lauren’s mom came along so she could hang out with the pups before we hung out with them. We all know I love dogs and these two didn’t disappoint. They were super cute and all you had to do was say “ride” and they would look at you. I am so excited for your wedding guys! Less than a year!!!!lauren-pat_002lauren-pat_003lauren-pat_004lauren-pat_005lauren-pat_006lauren-pat_007lauren-pat_008lauren-pat_009lauren-pat_010lauren-pat_011lauren-pat_012lauren-pat_013lauren-pat_014lauren-pat_015lauren-pat_016lauren-pat_017lauren-pat_018lauren-pat_019lauren-pat_020lauren-pat_021lauren-pat_022lauren-pat_023lauren-pat_024lauren-pat_025lauren-pat_026lauren-pat_027lauren-pat_028lauren-pat_029


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