Julie + Jordan

November 15, 2017

I started going to a new a new gym in Norwood, Burn Bootcamp, and I am literally BEYOND sore. To the point where I look like T-REX because I can’t lift my arms. Trying to put on a jacket is a chore. Tonight at my session it should be interesting. I thought I was getting a cold because I am so achy but I literally think it’s from working out. I had to take today off because there is no way I could possibly do anything. HELP ME! How long until it passes? Im not even that out of shape. Holy crap I am dying.

Anyway… know what is sad? The fact that I am not shooting Julie and Jordan’s wedding. It was such a tease shooting their engagement session when I won’t be shooting the real deal. Julie is from Philadelphia so they are getting married there. They hired a lucky photographer in Philly to capture their day, but wanted to incorporate Boston in their engagement photos. Here is here I came in. I got to spend a few hours walking around Boston with these two and their adorably well behaved dog Philly. I seriously wanted to steal her. She was so so so good. They brought a dog walker with them so when we were set with her she went off and played in the public garden (SUCH A SMART IDEA). Any way I had a blast with you guys and I hope your wedding day is nothing but a dream come true! XO

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