Jessica & Steven

August 21, 2017

I just want to take a quick second to say just how much I enjoyed this last weekend. I had the entire weekend off and spent the weekend at my parents house where I couldnt be tempted to edit, answer emails or do ANY sort of work. It was amazing. I ate my face off, drank porsecco, swam, soaked in the sun and just relaxed. I cant tell you how hard it is to turn off my work brain this time of year but it HAS to happen. Editing will be here when I get home along with all my emails. Today I am super refreshed and ready to hustle and get my editing game going! I am pretty certain I will have one blog post a day this week. YES I SAID ONE BLOG POST A DAY. Tis the season for crazyness!

Jessica and Steven got married back in July and had a perfect day. I mean yes it was SUPER hot but it was just amazing from beginning to end. Everyone was cool, calm and collective which makes the day so much more enjoyable. They had a breathtaking Greek ceremony which you all know are my favorites. There was so much love surrounding them that it made your heart happy. I am soo excited for you guys and to see what is next in your future! All the best XO 

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