greg-bridget_069 This blog post doesn’t need much of an into. I have so much amazing stuff that I could write about this couple and this wedding that it would actually be annoying. When Bridget first emailed me I read her inquiry and got SUPER excited. I didn’t know her, I didn’t know Greg but I knew they were getting married at one of my bucket list venues. The Boston Public Library has always been on my  wish list. Yes, I have shot there before but it was second shooting gigs. I wanted my very own. We set up a time for them to come into my studio and two seconds upon meeting them my excitement shifted from their amazing venue to their amazing personalities. Bridget and Greg are two people that can light up a room within two seconds. I am pretty certain they are the type of people who are always happy and never get mad. No joke, Greg even wears Happy Socks. Yes, those are a brand and I know this because that is all Eric wears. I got home from our meeting an I immediately told Eric that I would possibly cry if I didn’t book this wedding. Not because of their killer venue, but because they were two people I wanted to have be part of the Molly Anne Photography family. After they booked we set up an engagement session and it was like I was hanging out with friends. The more I got to know Bridget and Greg the more excited I became for their wedding. When the big day came it was no surprise that their families and friends were just as lovely as they are. Their wedding did NOT disappoint. It was such an amazing day from beginning to end. Guys, I love you both and wish you both so so much happiness!! XOgreg-bridget_002greg-bridget_003greg-bridget_004greg-bridget_005greg-bridget_006greg-bridget_007-2greg-bridget_007greg-bridget_008greg-bridget_009 greg-bridget_100greg-bridget_010greg-bridget_011 greg-bridget_102 greg-bridget_012greg-bridget_013greg-bridget_014 greg-bridget_101 greg-bridget_015greg-bridget_016greg-bridget_017greg-bridget_018greg-bridget_019greg-bridget_020greg-bridget_021greg-bridget_022greg-bridget_023greg-bridget_024greg-bridget_025greg-bridget_026greg-bridget_027greg-bridget_028greg-bridget_029greg-bridget_030greg-bridget_031greg-bridget_032greg-bridget_033greg-bridget_034greg-bridget_035greg-bridget_036greg-bridget_037 greg-bridget_040 greg-bridget_038greg-bridget_039greg-bridget_041greg-bridget_042greg-bridget_043greg-bridget_044greg-bridget_045greg-bridget_046greg-bridget_047greg-bridget_048greg-bridget_049greg-bridget_050greg-bridget_051greg-bridget_052greg-bridget_053greg-bridget_054greg-bridget_055greg-bridget_056greg-bridget_057greg-bridget_058greg-bridget_059greg-bridget_060greg-bridget_061greg-bridget_062greg-bridget_063greg-bridget_064greg-bridget_065greg-bridget_066greg-bridget_067greg-bridget_068 greg-bridget_001


Photographer: Molly Anne Photography

Second shooter: Shannon Grant

Venue: Boston Public Library

Dress: l’elite

Suits: Men’s Warehouse

Flowers: La Fleur

Hair: Robyn Salemme

Makeup: DNI

Band: Splash

Caterer: The Catered Affair

Event Coordinator: Ron Porzio

Transportation: The Original Party Trolley of Boston, the One Chauffeur Connection

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