I’m sitting here curled up in sweat pants wearing a super comfy sweatshirt and I couldn’t be happier. The only thing missing is a Starbucks coffee, but that is coming as soon as I post this amazing couple. Honestly until I have my first sip of coffee I just cant seem to start my day. HOW IS IT ALREADY 11? I spent the morning on the phone learning how to work the back end of my new blog. I can NOT wait until this bad boy goes live. It has been a long time in the making and I am so proud of it.

ANYWAY this post isn’t about me, its about Joe and Erin. There aren’t enough weddings like Joe and Erin’s. I walked into Erin’s room and it was so quiet and calm. I cant tell you how pleasant that was. It really sets the day for me. When I walk into a crazy insane room/house it kind of takes my breath away and I have to stand there to regain composure. So, when I saw the few family members and friends sitting around a table finishing up lunch I was SO pleased. She had everything out waiting for me. The guys were the same. It was just such a delightful day. I will say that it was about 300 degrees out and 100% humidity. The second you stepped food outside the sweat starting to roll down your face. I mean it was BAD. We were originally supposed to walk around Boston but when Joe saw the forecast he called a limo company DAY BEFORE THE WEDDING. Yes my friends it was that hot. The entire day was just perfect from beginning to end. I got to see some of my best friends who have known Joe for years and have become good friends with Erin. I am so happy that I can also call these two friends. They are two genuine people who can make you laugh at the drop of a hat. And their wedding party… Holy cow. Can I borrow them for EVERY wedding? I’m not exaggerating the day was just so amazing in every way possible. Here are a few of my favorites!




Photographer: Molly Anne Photography

Second Shooter: Matt Wood Photography

Venue: Boston Exchange Center

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