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Another day another blog post. I have so many good things in my editing bin that I seriously cant stop. This makes my job MUCH easier. And the fact that it is super rainy/gloomy outside is helping me stay glued to my computer. This is my definition of a good editing day!!

Meet Erin and Dan! These two STOLE my heart during their engagement session. They shipped me off to Nantucket for their engagement session and my girl Rachel came along to assist me. I told Rach that Erin and Dan were pretty cool people but I didn’t know just awesome they were until their session. The four of us laughed the entire time. Rachel and Dan’s sense of humor was identical which made it impossible for me to get a photo of Erin and Dan not laughing. I am pretty sure that I fired Rachel from assisting me about ten times. At one point I had to ask her to stop talking because every shot Dan was talking and Erin was laughing. Literally had the best day. We cruised through town making a pit stop at a “swamp” for some great pictures. When I asked them to go into the marsh I think Dan started to question why he hired me. But, Erin and her cute little self said “Dan get in there we are doing this”. They did ask for a fan boat to get them out. The amount of bugs that were swarming up was intense, but nothing compared to what we saw at the beach. We then headed to Great Point Beach for some sunset shots and HOLY COW was it amazing. Like BREATHTAKING. I cant say enough about how amazing it was. The only issue was the bugs. I mean there is nothing I can say to explain how bad they were. You cant tell but in these photos we were running to keep them off of us. Even with spray we were being attacked. I have never gotten so many bug bites in such a short time. As we left the beach we watched the sun go down. It was such a beautiful ride. We had the top down and Dan had his clubbing music going. It was real romantic let me tell you. While we waited for our ferry we went to Crew and had a drink and some apps. I think Rachel and I were both hoping that we would miss our ferry so we could stay and hang out with Dan and Erin for the rest of the night. It was SO perfect. I honestly cant wait for their wedding. We wont have to worry about bugs, but frostbite!! Guys you were UNREAL. I love you both, and I was wondering… have you seen any white sneakers and shoestring??

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