HELLO HELLO. What a beautiful day it is out there right? Like its so amazing. I am sad being inside right now because I would love nothing more than to be outside soaking in some of the last warm weather before winter comes. How was everyone’s weekends? Eventful and fun I hope! Because this is my blog I am going to take a minute and talk about mine okay? So, it started off on Friday afternoon hitting up Trillium with eric, then meeting our neighbors at a little pub down the street listening to live Irish music. I mean who doesn’t love live Irish music?? Woke up Saturday and went to the farm with Eric and Tiller. The farm is totally one of my favorite places. Its so relaxing and it really allows me to get my thoughts together and focus. It was exactly what I needed to do before I went to my shoot Elise and Peters AMAZING wedding. I had such a killer day with those two, their friends and family. Such great people. The day was a dream and couldnt have gone better. When I got home two of Eric and my best friends, Annie and Carlos, were at our house. You see, Sunday was my birthday and back in August Annie convinced me it was a good idea to run a half marathon with her on my birthday. I thought it would make me skinny so I agreed to do it. A) It didn’t make me skinny B) I hate running and ended up hurt and in PT  C) I regretted it for 2.5 months. We woke up at 5:30AM on Sunday and headed to Swansea where the starting line was. I was so scared I felt sick to my stomach. I really didn’t think I was going to make it. I have been having really bad knee issues and for sure thought around mile 8 I was going to have to DQ. I swear someone from above was literally pushing me along the way. Annie was the best cheerleader I could have ever asked for. If I had done it alone I would have been so bored that I would have started to hitch hike. But having her there we chatted and laughed the entire time. Whenever we hit mile 9 and I felt SO GOOD I was blown away. Seeing my parents, Eric, Carlos and Tiller along the way was also super motivating.  I will say at mile 10.5 I thought I was going to break. My body started to really hurt. The longest run I had done before Sunday was 8 miles and that was with stopping to stretch. My body HATED me at 10.5 but at this point I refused to walk. Annie pushed me and somehow convinced me that I could make it and we did. We crossed the finish line holding hands while my mom, dad, Eric, Carlos, Jan, Justin, Kate, Charlie and Tiller screamed and cheered. It was such an amazing moment for me. I never in my life thought I would be able to run 13.1 miles. I really dislike running and thought it was a punishment. The best part of finishing the 1/2 was the fact that I don’t have to run for a VERY long time. I totally need a break. And the people who said “you are totally going to get the marathon bug when you finish the half”… YOU WERE SO WRONG. It actually made it even clearer that I would NEVER do a full marathon. HOLY CRAP! How do they do it???? ANYWAY… moving on.

Carolyn and Dave. These two are pretty special. I hadn’t met Dave until the engagement session and all I knew about him was that he really didn’t like getting his picture taken. Likely story right?? Not many guys out there enjoy having a photo shoot. Dave was SUCH a trooper. He totally killed it. Carolyn is just the cutest thing ever so she obviously looked like a model in every-single-photo. I had such a great night with these two. I love love love Boston. I would never move away from this city. So the fact that for my job I get to hang out with super awesome people and walk around one of the most amazing places ever is pretty amazing. I honestly feel blessed. We wrapped up their session just in time to make it  home for the Patriots Game. It couldn’t have been more of a perfect night. I had a blast with you guys and I seriously cant wait until your wedding next fall!! XO



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