ERIN + JOE_0035

I know I know its been awhile. SORRY! I swear I feel like this entire month I have been on vacation. I haven’t, but it feels that way. Last week I was on vacation and knowing how many amazing weddings sat in my que made it a bit hard to relax. My brain just wouldn’t shut off and I kept looking at my list of things that waited for me. Caitlin and Matt were one of the lovely couples that had a place on my list. You probably remember their engagement session from not that long ago. I went on and on about how much I love these two and after spending the day with them on their wedding it just made my love grow even more for them. I am pretty sure when I left I said “I legit love you guys… like really love you for real”. It was something along those lines because I just wanted them to believe me. As I drove home I was thinking “eeeeeeh was that too much too soon?”. Anyway, when I showed up to Caitlins parents house it was so relaxing and calm. Sometimes I show up and I walk into a smog of hairspray with loud music blaring. I don’t mind it, but its just totally opposite of how Caitlin’s house was. Upon meeting Caits parents I quickly realized where her lovely personality comes from. Her parents are such amazing people offering me anything I wanted. Matt said the same about Matts parents. These two have such an amazing support system that I know they have nothing but bright futures ahead of them. Guys, I am so happy that I was able to spend your wedding day with you, and capture such love that will live on forever. I miss you both so lets go to Lewis’ soon ;)

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Venue: Granite Links

Photographer: Molly Anne Photography

Second shooter / Assistant: Matt Wood Photo

Dress: Davids Bridal

Suits: Joseph A. Bank

Flowers: Studio 123

DJ: Good Times Unlimited (Dave Solimine)

Hair/Makeup: Keldara Salon and Spa

Cake: Monitilios Bakery 

Transportation: Above All Transportation 

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