Block Island 2013

For the last four years Eric and I have been going to Block Island at least once a year. It started as day trips and progressively turned into longer stays. It is one of those places where once you get on the boat all worries and stresses stay behind. As soon as the ferry pulls up to Block a smile is plastered on my face the entire stay. The beaches on Block are breathtaking and the drive around the back side of the island is equally as amazing. Over the years our trips to Block have only gotten better and better. Eric’s Aunts and Uncles sail into the island and stay for two weeks. We try to coordinate our trips with theirs so that we can spend some quality family time together. For those of you who know me, you know that family is the number one thing to me. So when we get to spend time with our family it makes any vacation even better. We spent our days this year sitting on the beach from 11-3 and then floating off of the boat from 3-6. Life doesn’t get much better than that. I found myself saying how perfect life was over and over and over. I am so grateful to have married into such an amazing family. John and Effy have opened their arms to me and made me feel right at home on their boat from day one. I don’t think of them or Lisa and Bob as Eric’s family, I think of them as our family. I honestly didn’t take out my camera until the last two days this year because I just found myself relaxing and not lifting a finger. But when it was time to go clamming I had to bring along the camera and when the waves were CRAZY HUGE I had to snap a few shots. I wish I got more scenery, but there is always next year!! John, Effy, Lisa, Bob, Carol, Mikey, and Steph thank you guys so much for everything! LOVE YOU ALL!

Now… if I could just book a wedding in Block!


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