Over the years I have shot a lot of weddings. I mean A LOT. I have tons of stories good and bad about events that occurred during a wedding. I seriously have seen it all. My photographer friends and I joke around that we should write a book. A lot of times people ask what the craziest thing that has happened at a wedding was. They will ask what the most memorable speach or dance was. But my favorite is when people ask what the most memorable wedding I have shot was. Up until this point it has been based off of location and or photos. After Ashley and Greg’s wedding I can honestly say that their wedding is the most memorable wedding I have ever been to. Its not the fact that a CRAZY storm came through. Its not the fact that a micro burst touched down a few hundred feet from the venue knocking out power for the entire night. Its not the fact that the venue had to shuttle their food to be cooked off location, and when it returned people had to eat it by candle light/cell phone flashlights. Its the fact that based off of everything I mentioned above, not one single guest left their wedding. Instead, all the guests rallied and sang them their first dance and sang them their parent dances. Its the fact that their friends and families held candles and stood in a circle lighting the dance floor for them so that they could have their first dances. So often weddings are about the wrong thing. Its about having the best food and the best flowers and the best EVERYTHING. People forget what a wedding is really about. Ashley and Greg’s wedding reminded me that as long as you have friends and family and love a wedding is complete. Guys, I know it wasnt what you had pictured for your wedding but holy cow… I hope you are able to look back at that day and realized just how blessed you are to have each and every single one of your guests in your lives. You guys are SO lucky!! Thank you so much for reminding me what a wedding is all about and what truly makes a wedding a wedding… LOVE!ASHLEY + GREG_002ASHLEY + GREG_003ASHLEY + GREG_004ASHLEY + GREG_005ASHLEY + GREG_006ASHLEY + GREG_007ASHLEY + GREG_008ASHLEY + GREG_009ASHLEY + GREG_010ASHLEY + GREG_011ASHLEY + GREG_012ASHLEY + GREG_013ASHLEY + GREG_014ASHLEY + GREG_015ASHLEY + GREG_016ASHLEY + GREG_017ASHLEY + GREG_018ASHLEY + GREG_019ASHLEY + GREG_020ASHLEY + GREG_021ASHLEY + GREG_022ASHLEY + GREG_023ASHLEY + GREG_024ASHLEY + GREG_025ASHLEY + GREG_026ASHLEY + GREG_027ASHLEY + GREG_028ASHLEY + GREG_029ASHLEY + GREG_030ASHLEY + GREG_031ASHLEY + GREG_032ASHLEY + GREG_033ASHLEY + GREG_034ASHLEY + GREG_035ASHLEY + GREG_036ASHLEY + GREG_037ASHLEY + GREG_038ASHLEY + GREG_039ASHLEY + GREG_040ASHLEY + GREG_041ASHLEY + GREG_042ASHLEY + GREG_043ASHLEY + GREG_044ASHLEY + GREG_045ASHLEY + GREG_046ASHLEY + GREG_047ASHLEY + GREG_048ASHLEY + GREG_049ASHLEY + GREG_050ASHLEY + GREG_051ASHLEY + GREG_052ASHLEY + GREG_053ASHLEY + GREG_054ASHLEY + GREG_055ASHLEY + GREG_056ASHLEY + GREG_057ASHLEY + GREG_058ASHLEY + GREG_059ASHLEY + GREG_060ASHLEY + GREG_061ASHLEY + GREG_062ASHLEY + GREG_063ASHLEY + GREG_064ASHLEY + GREG_065ASHLEY + GREG_066ASHLEY + GREG_067ASHLEY + GREG_068ASHLEY + GREG_069ASHLEY + GREG_070ASHLEY + GREG_071ASHLEY + GREG_072ASHLEY + GREG_073ASHLEY + GREG_074ASHLEY + GREG_075ASHLEY + GREG_076ASHLEY + GREG_077ASHLEY + GREG_078ASHLEY + GREG_079ASHLEY + GREG_080ASHLEY + GREG_081ASHLEY + GREG_082ASHLEY + GREG_083ASHLEY + GREG_084ASHLEY + GREG_085ASHLEY + GREG_086ASHLEY + GREG_087ASHLEY + GREG_088ASHLEY + GREG_089ASHLEY + GREG_090ASHLEY + GREG_091ASHLEY + GREG_092ASHLEY + GREG_093ASHLEY + GREG_094ASHLEY + GREG_095ASHLEY + GREG_096ASHLEY + GREG_097ASHLEY + GREG_098ASHLEY + GREG_099ASHLEY + GREG_100ASHLEY + GREG_101ASHLEY + GREG_102


Photography: Molly Anne Photography

Assistant/Second shooter: Matt Wood Photo

Venue: Gibbet Hill

Dress: Precious Memories

Flowers: The flower Shoppe of Eric’s

Band: The Gift, Clint Bierman

Hair: Style by Hannah

Makeup: Makeup by Marlo 

Cake: Konditor Meister

Transportation: A limo affair

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