Ashley + Greg

August 23, 2017

Today is a good day for so many reasons. First of all Eric and I got our new furniture delivered and I am SUPER excited about it. Thinking about where Tiller is at this moment is actually making me a little worried, but what can you do. There is no way we can keep him off the couches so lets just hope the fact that they are dark will help us. Second of all I am getting my  hair done. I know this is stupid but the fact that I am taking a few minutes mid week to step away from my computer is HUGE. Like HUGE!!!! Lastly, and most importantly I am blogging a KILLER Castle Hill wedding.

Ashley and Greg got SO much attention from their engagement session we shot in Humarock last summer. Seriously so many brides emailed me saying “we want pictures like them”. It actually got to me a little annoying because you cant duplicate an engagement session and you cant force people to be adorable and cuddly like Ashley and Greg are. The day of their wedding was magical. It was supposed to be a washout. Literally my phone was saying 2-3 inches of rain. I have no idea who above was looking out for them, but somebody was because there was not a drop of rain that fell. Their families, HUGE ass wedding party and all their guests partied so hard and celebrated this couple. It was such an amazing day. I was so honored to be there to capture it. I am going to miss my text messages with Ashley (hoping they don’t end). We because friends over the last year and I am just so happy I was able to be there the day of their wedding. Greg… You aren’t so bad yourself ;) But in all seriousness you guys are such an amazing couple and I cant wait to see what the future holds for you two!!!

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