OKAY… I get it, albums are expensive. But, think about what a big investment photography is, and how much effort you put into finding the perfect photographer. I have a goal for every wedding that I shoot. My goal is to capture my couple, their friends and their families as they are. I want you to look back years from now and say “that picture is so us”, “I can remember what we were laughing at in that photo”. It is so important to choose the right way to show off and protect these images for years to come. Here are a few reasons why I personally feel wedding albums are a must.


1) Wedding albums can serve as a time capsule. Every wedding is unique and filled with beautiful emotion. Over years these memories might fade as new and exciting chapters open in your life. It is so nice to sit down, open your album and relive the day. RLR STUCIO INC._1232) To be honest this is your first family heirloom. This is something that will get passed down to your kids, and to their kids. Here is a good example of this…

A few times a year my husbands grandparents has everyone over for a Patriots game. A few years back his grandmother asked if I wanted to look at their wedding album.  YES PLEASE. As we sat flipping page by page she would point to an image and say “I can remember what my mother said to make me laugh here”, “I can remember the smell of my flowers”, “I love this picture of us walking down the isle because it brings back the excited feelings I had at that moment”. That right here is PRICELESS.

RLR STUCIO INC._1243) Remember floppy discs? Those were so 80’s and 90’s. Do you know where your floppy discs are now? If your wedding images were on one of those discs how would you get them back? My point is that through the years technology gets bigger and better. The systems that we use to backup and archive data now will be obsolete at one point. With this being said it is always important to constantly back up your wedding files. As much as we trust electric media things can be lost or deleted in an instant.


Here are a few spreads from a recent album design. Man I absolutely LOVED this wedding!

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