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I’m Molly, a wedding and lifestyle photographer based in Walpole, MA, with a passion for capturing the essence of special moments. Photography has always been a significant part of my life, beginning with my childhood bedroom, which was plastered in photos from hundreds of disposable cameras. As I transitioned to using my first DSLR, I expanded my subjects to include friends, family, and captivating landscapes. In 2010 I turned my passion from a hobby into a full-time profession.

Outside of photography I live for sharing daily hikes with Eric and our two Vizslas. We love to travel and believe it’s not all about the destination itself, but in the company who make each place special. Our ski home in Maine serves as a getaway during my off-season, where we ski and host family and friends. To us, family and friends are EVERYTHING, which is why maintaining a healthy work-life balance is integral to my professional philosophy. I am proud to say that I embrace and excel at this balance, ensuring that my dedication to my craft is complemented by a fulfilling personal life.

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 Growing up, I skied from time to time. Once I got into college, I pretty much hung it up. When Eric and I first started dating, it became apparent that skiing was a big part of his life. So, after years away from the slopes, I started back up and now find so much joy in it. Winters in New England can be long. Skiing gets me outside, surrounded by beauty, along with friends and family. If I am being transparent, one of my greatest joys with skiing is the laid-back atmosphere and après-ski that comes after you take your boots off. There is nothing better than a beer after a day of skiing. 


During COVID, the overwhelming stress and anxiety of the unknown took a toll on me. Recognizing the need to redirect that negative and anxious energy, I decided to turn towards something that always brought me joy. Fitness, a big source of joy in my life, became my refuge. While my business was essentially shut down, I made the decision to undertake the studying, which lasted months, to prepare for the Certified Personal Trainer exam. Once I successfully passed this challenge I became a trainer at Burn Boot Camp, a gym where I have been a member since the day they opened. While training there I have met and become so inspired by so many people, which is why I continue to train there even though my business is flourishing.


If you know, you know. These two calming, relaxing and sun-kissed places bring Eric and I so much happiness. We have so many beautiful memories from both locales. Whether we are cycling around Block Island or floating in the Caribbean, I couldn’t think of two places that evoke such a sense of Zen like they do. Through our travels, for some reason, we are drawn back to these two havens year after year. 


If you’ve been following me on Instagram, you already know this: I am an avid true crime junkie. From podcasts to Dateline, 20/20, and documentaries, I’ve seen them all. I often joke that in my next life, I’ll become a detective. It has become a ritual of sorts that as I drive to weddings, I sip on a Starbucks ice coffee and tune in to a true crime podcast. If you have any great recommendations, feel free to message me as I am running low!! 

 I have seen every dateline EPISODE that has ever aired.

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