Tiki + Cara

October 19, 2017

I feel like I should just move my bed into my studio. I’m not even trying to be funny. I am in my studio every single day by 8:30AM and if I remember to eat lunch I run home to grab something then come right back until I have to leave for my shoot. I am shooting every single day too. Its taking me all I have to go home after my shoot instead of right back to my studio. My editing list is just NEVER ending. For every shoot I cross off one gets added. BUT honestly my clients make my job easy and I don’t mind looking at their pretty faces all day long!!

Meet Tiki and Cara. When we met we bonded over a few things. One of them was the fact that Cara and I sweat a lot. This is why they chose a late September wedding date. So on the day of their wedding when it was about 92 degrees we were both like “oh crap”. BUT it wasn’t raining so that was good. It may have been SUPER hot, and Cara might have had two fans blowing on her at one point but I am pretty sure the INSANE sunset that night was worth it. Their day was filled with such love that was shared in a few toasts. I def got chocked up on a few. These two have so much love surrounding them that  its amazing. Cara also gets the away for best Maid of Honors this season so far! These girls were on it and totally beyond helpful to me. I wish you guys SO much happiness and hope you love what Alisha and I got. BIG thanks to Alisha for bearing the beat with me and fanning Cara and I off all day (yes I have pictures to prove it).

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