Sebastian & Claire

September 20, 2017

OK so I am typically a super happy person. Like I really am. For some reason today I am just BLAH. I think its the weather if we are being honest but I honestly think its that I am so sad about all the horrible awful hurricanes and earthquakes. I seriously cant stop obsessing over it. Eric and I spent a week on St. John in April and it was literally one of the best weeks in my life. Everyone on that Island is so happy and nice. It is such a peaceful carefree place. To see how badly Irma destroyed it broke my heart. And then last night they got hit by Maria. These poor people who live there. I just cant imagine. Today when I got in my studio I knew I had to do something that would boost my spirits. So, I donated to the Islands (don’t worry I donated to Harvey too). That made me feel better. After that I pulled up Sebastian and Claire’s photos.

SO… Meet Claire and Sebastian. These two honestly would brighten anyone’s day. I seriously was so low when I got into my studio and after looking at these pictures I swear to god I am in SUCH a better mood. I just needed to surround myself with love, happiness and beauty. This session had ALL of that goodness. The night of their session I got to Colby Farm about 30 minutes before they got there. When I say the place was a mad house I mean it was INSANE. I actually sent Claire a message saying that we might want to reconsider. But, them shooting here wasn’t because its been popular its because sunflowers are VERY special to them. It is Claire’s favorite flower, the first flower that Sebastian gave to Claire and now the flower he always gives her on special occasions. FINE WE WILL FIGHT OUR WAY TO A PATCH OF FLOWERS. And that we did. In these photos you cant tell that there were hundreds of people swarming around us. There were actually hundreds of bees too! After the sunflower field we headed to the beach just in time to catch the sunset. As I was pulling into the parking lot I was thinking to myself “holy crap I hope they are close behind because we are loosing light FAST”. It ended up being beyond perfect. The cotton candy sky was amazing and so were these two. There love is SO present and beautiful. I never once had to tell them what to do or direct them. They just meshed together and make my job easy. Anyway thank you guys for such a fun night. It was a blast. Thank you for also cheering me up today. ALSO Justin from Lucent Wedding Films is working on some magic for them so keep checking out his Facebook page to see when it comes out!


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