Olivia + Matt

October 27, 2017

This time of year is out of control for me. It is so hard to take time for myself but I try to force myself to. Last night there was a big industry Halloween party at Willowdale Estate. I’m not really one to dress up typically but all the girls say how fun it is year after year. So, this year I decided that a dress up party was just what I needed. OH MY GOSH it was literally a BLAST. I haven’t danced so hard in SO long. I honestly think that being a unicorn made me a good dancer. Or maybe it was the blonde wig. It is totally true that blondes have more fun. I left a glitter trail behind me all night (sorry Erica and Reese) and my shoes this AM are literally ALL SPARKLE. It was yet another reminder that no matter how busy you are it is SO important to take time for yourself to do something fun and to let go!

Today when I got to my studio I was nice and refreshed to work on Olivia and Matts engagement session. We started off at Appleton Farms which is one of my favorite spots. Then we headed over to Good Harbor Beach which was SO beautiful. By we, I mean, Matt, Olivia, Milo and LuLu (their two AMAZING dogs). The day was pretty cloudy, cold and windy. It was a perfect fall day to shoot at Appleton Farms. When we got to Good Harbor the wind was pretty intense. I think it was like 52 degrees out but with the wind who knows how cold it was. All I know is that I had a sweater on with a jacket over it. These two put on SUMMER clothes. I was honestly chattering looking at them. At one point Matt looked at me and said “um I think I am done I cant feel my feet”. Totally get it buddy!!!! But right as we walked back to the car the sun came out as it was setting. It honestly was the most incredible sunset ever. I mean EVER. The drive home blew my mind. I got to stare at it the entire ride. Every direction you looked was amazing. The red, orange, blues and purples. So amazing. BEST way to end a birthday for sure (kidding the Chinese food that I had for dinner was). But we had a blast and I cant wait for June 2018!

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