Mr. + Mrs. Connelly: Westfrod Inn Wedding

Last night was Erics b-day so we had a blast. We went to a new restaurant called Sweet Basil, which is located in Needham. A-MA-ZING. Its a BYOB place that has the best atmosphere and the BEST food. BEST FOOD EVER. I cant begin to tell you how good it is. I never knew it was there but whenever you drive down the street it smells like heaven. It is totally Sweet Basil. So, if you are looking for a new place to try check it out. I am going to be dreaming about this place until I return! Anyway, HAPPY BDAY ERIC.

Meet Julie and Steve, again. I posted their engagement photos last fall and they just got married this past Friday. They got married at the Westford Inn. These two totally lucked out with weather. It literally rained all last week then on Friday the skies cleared. LUCKY LUCKY! I consider myself lucky because I walked away from their portraits with NO ticks. Literally the police showed up while we were shooting (we were on private land, but had permission) and warned us that the land was infested with ticks. SWEET! But nobody that I know of got ticks. During the receiving like I got a tap on my shoulder saying “MOLLY BERGERON?!?!?!?!” It was my old boss. I totally started freaking out. After I left she left and I didn’t have any contact info for her. I LOVED her and was so sad about it. So we got to catch up. Talk about small world. Julie and Steve are probably laying on the beach in the DR right now but I cant complain. Its amazing out. So, guys, if you have internet access I hope you get to take a peak! Huge thanks to my second shoot, Derek Gilbert. Awesome job as always!

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