Michelle + Kyle

January 29, 2018

Happy Monday guys! I mean is there really such thing as a happy Monday? I think NOT. Eric and I laid low this weekend which was super nice and relaxing. Our little buddy Hunter turned 3 so we went to his birthday party which was a pajama/breakfast party. Let me tell you something… BEST IDEA EVER. Who doesn’t love PJ’s and pancakes? AM I RIGHT? Anyway happy birthday Hunter!!!

Meet Michelle and Kyle. You haven’t seen these two on the blog as of yet, which is sad because they are adorable. They got married on 12/30/17 on a COLD/snowy day. Remember that INSANELY cold stretch of weather we got? Well they just so happened to get married on one of those days. To say that they are worriers is an understatement. As I drove to the Blue Hill Country Club I passed this spot of tall grass on the side of a crazy busy street. I literally slowed down and looked at it thinking “man I would love to get them to this little area”. So, when I talked to both Michelle and Kyle they both said they were down for anything. Only issue is that Michelle only had heals and there was a ton of snow. So, my AMAZING second shooter, Catherine, lent her her winter boots for all of the outside photos. I totally kidnapped the two of them and drove off to my little patch of tall grass where cars were whizzing by and trucks were laying on their horns as a sign of congratulations. I am in love with what we got there. After that we headed back to the club where we did ALL of their remaining photos outside including family. Everyone was totally on board. YES we froze, but YES it was worth it. I have NO idea how Michelle did it with bare arms. I was freezing in a huge jacket and hat/gloves. You guys are amazing and thank you so much for being such a fun couple!!!! XO

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