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OK… I know I am going a bit out of order by posting Mel and Bills engagement session, but these two waited until LAST minute to do these photos. They are getting married SATURDAY. Yes, this Saturday. I mean WHAAAAAAAT. I always highly encourage getting engagement photos taken so when I texted Mel asking why they decided not to do them she didn’t really have a reason. I told her it wasn’t too late so we ended up getting together last week to do them. We met for a drink and chatted a bit about their wedding. As if I wasn’t excited for it before it really got me pumped. I have known Mel for YEARS. She and her family moved two houses down from me when I was in Junior High. We spent the years after that pretty much as family. If her and her sister weren’t sleeping at my house I was sleeping at theirs. So many of my favorite childhood memories include time spent with Mel. Whether it was vacationing with her and her family,  waking up on the first day of summer with her in my kitchen drinking lemonade and making cookies, swimming in her pool, or watching TGIF. We spent so much time together back then. As we got older we went to college and all went our own way. BUT just because I didn’t see Mel or her family they will always be considered family to me and I can’t wait to see them all on Saturday. In HS I didn’t know Bill. So, the day of the shoot I was really excited to get to know him. He had me LAUGHING the entire time. I learned SO much about him in those three hours we spent together. He LOVES forehead kisses, he is awesome at posing for the camera, he likes Coors Light and most importantly he LOVES peeing in the woods. With that said, I am so pumped for Saturday and here are some favorites from their  shoot!

MEL + BILL_002MEL + BILL_003MEL + BILL_004MEL + BILL_005MEL + BILL_006MEL + BILL_007MEL + BILL_008MEL + BILL_009MEL + BILL_010MEL + BILL_011MEL + BILL_012MEL + BILL_013MEL + BILL_014MEL + BILL_015MEL + BILL_016MEL + BILL_017MEL + BILL_018MEL + BILL_019MEL + BILL_020MEL + BILL_021MEL + BILL_022MEL + BILL_023MEL + BILL_024MEL + BILL_025MEL + BILL_026MEL + BILL_027MEL + BILL_028MEL + BILL_029MEL + BILL_030MEL + BILL_031MEL + BILL_032MEL + BILL_033MEL + BILL_034MEL + BILL_035MEL + BILL_036MEL + BILL_037

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