Maureen + Alex

June 7, 2018

One more day until its Friday… WE CAN DO THIS. For those of you who follow me you know that I am all about work/life balance. So, I take one weekend a month off to make sure I get time with friends and family. It has been the best thing that I have done for my business. I dont get burnt out and I appreciate those weekends to re-charge and then come back totally ready to crush it. In June my weekend off is this weekend!!!!!! Its not just a random weekend, but its one of my best friends weddings! So, i may¬† not be shooting a wedding, but I will still be at a wedding. Literally my life is all about weddings. BUT it is so exciting to me that I will be getting my hair and makeup done instead of being a hot sweaty mess running around trying to photograph everything. Legit cant wait. AND it is going to be sunny. THANK YOU GOD.

You guys may remember Maureen and Alex from their engagement session they did last summer. They day of their engagement session it was literally one of the sunniest days ever. We met for a sunrise session, but it was closer to like 7:30 than sunrise. That time of day is BRUTALLY bright. It was seriously amazing. Fast forward to their wedding and sadly it was not exactly the same. Mother nature has not been kind do us this spring and these two had a pretty rainy day. The only thing that mattered was that their spirits were high and I refused to let them down. We kind of had all things against us. Graduation in Boston, Closed streets, rainy weather, and no cups for champagne. We took those obstacles and turned them around! We stopped the trolley on the side of the roads and walked to the common in the rain, they used adorable clear umbrellas and didn’t complain once, and they chugged the champagne out of the bottle. These two and their wedding party were such troopers. I mean we crossed four lanes of grid lock traffic to get to the common and I’m pretty sure our trolley was adding to the traffic jam. BUT I knew that Maureen really wanted photos at the Common so I wasn’t leaving until we got those damn photos! Guys, thanks SO much for braving the elements and risking your lives crossing the traffic. Not everyone would have done that but I am so happy you did. Big thanks to my girl Cat for second shooting with me on yet another rainy wedding!!

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