Mariah & Evan

May 16, 2018
I literally cant believe just how long it has been since I have blogged. Its actually kind of embarrassing. I almost forgot how to size my images and all that jazz. NO JOKE. To be honest to people even look at blog posts anymore? I feel like its all Instagram these days. So here is my Instagram plug: If you don’t follow me get your butt over to Instagram and follow @mollyannesphotos. OK there I said it. I have been slacking a little the last few days on my story, but I promise I will get back on that train soon!
Remember Mariah and Evan from their engagement session last summer? These two were my first wedding of the official wedding season for 2018. They were extremely lucky with the weather they got. April can be rainy and cold, but their day was warm and sunny. Just spectacular! It was such an amazing day at Chatham Bars Inn. The entire day was just breathtaking. From Mariah’s gown, to the church decor, to the amazing flowers done by Ford Florist. I was BLOWN away. Just literally MIND BLOWN. You need to go check out his website because its insane. I have to give a huge shout out to Jyl from Chancy Charm because her team was just spectacular to work with. And lastly… Martha, Mariah’s mom had a vision for this wedding and she executed it flawlessly. Thanks so much to Catherine Threlkeld for second shooting with me. With travel and extra hours it was a long day but man was it worth it!!!

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