Liz & Tom

August 24, 2017

Howdy everyone!!! Guess what today is? If you don’t know that means you don’t follow me on Instagram, which you NEED TO START DOING! Five years ago today, Eric, and I got married. I mean honestly it seems like forever ago but yet yesterday all at the same time. That is ridiculous I know but its true. I can honestly say that my wedding week/weekend/day was the absolute best time of my life. I seriously am smiling ear to ear thinking about it. SO MUCH FUN. How amazing is it to be surrounded by all your friends and family at the same time? UGH I literally could cry thinking about how incredible it was. I am seriously so lucky to have Eric to spend the rest of my life with. Remember that excited feeling you would get when you were little when you knew you had a sleep over that night? I get that every day when I know Eric and I get to hang out after work and sit on the patio grilling. This time of year it is not that often but I love it so much when it does happen.

Again, if you follow my Instagram page (@mollyannesphotos) you probably saw that I was going to be posting every day this week. So far I am holding true to that. Today is Liz and Tom’s turn. This session was BANANAS. I had SO much fun. My friend Jill assisted me so we started the afternoon off grabbing lunch in Wolfeboro where the session took place. After lunch we headed to Liz’s parents house where we wondered around the amazing property photographing the love birds. We seriously laughed the entire time. I never once had to tell them what to do. They just meshed so well together and had so much fun together that it was BEYOND easy to photograph. From there we headed onto the boat where we jetted to Wolfeboro’s little downtown which is ADORABLE. It was seriously so much freaking fun. On our way back Jill had to steer the boat which was a little frighting to me, but the girl got it done. Seriously Liz, Tom, Jill and I just laughed the entire time. Lastly we had some real fun. Liz and Tom jumped off the dock and went jet skiing. Who goes jet skiing on their engagement sessoin??? THESE two. It was UNREAL. I cant tell you how amazing this session was. I keep saying it but you NEEEEEEEEED to pick fun unique ideas that are special to you. That is exactly what these two did and it translated into a killer session.
I cant wait until 9/9. Its literally right around the corner. EEEK where is time going?? XOXOXOXO

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