Lindsey + Dan: Corcord Engagement

Really… more rain. I cant take it. I’m being serious. I hate rain. I have been applying self tanner like its my job and to be honest I am turning orange, but I really am so over being white as a ghost. I do have to say that I am super thankful that the weekends have been nice so far, KNOCK ON WOOD!!! We also lucked out with Lindsey and Dan’s engagement session last week. We met in Concord, MA right as the sun was getting perfectly golden. We couldn’t have asked for better light. It was so bright and warm!!!!! Lindsey and Dan are pretty special people.. They just go together. They have their own language and know what the other is saying without even saying a word. Like they make these noises and then laugh because they know what it means. I cant really explain it. I know I sound crazy but its true. They will make a noise and be like “oh that means we are happy”. Its adorable. It actually might sound super weird but it isn’t. Have I painted a weird picture? Sorry if I did because its super cute. Anyway I don’t know how we (or at least I) left this shoot tick/poison ivy free. I didn’t sleep all night because I kept waking up itching thinking that there were bugs on me or thinking that I had poison ivy. I am a mean person and made them truck through tall grass and swampy grass to get to the amazing light. At one point Dan had to carry Lindsey out. My response was “hey its a great picture you will thank me later”.

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