Lindsay + Pat

July 3, 2018

OKAY… this blog post is the only thing between me and my vacation!! With that said I am going to keep this quick. Few things I would like to bring to your attention. First…my studio is well over 100 degrees. It is so hot that when I took a sip of my water it felt like I took a sip out of a water that was siting in a hot car for a day. Second… I have no idea how but the comment section of my blog doesn’t show up. I just discovered HUNDREDS of comments from people that I never knew existed. Yes, most is spam, but there were so many kind comments from people who really do actually read my blog and look at it. I’ve been questioning if I should keep blogging, but finding those comments answered my question. Third… my dad, Big Steve (who is now little Steve because hes lost like 55 pounds), has brought it to my attention that I have followers from Belgium. SUPER EXCITING. If you guys are reading this HI!!!!!!!!!!!! Lastly… I am SO SO SO behind on blogging. Its actually stressing me out. I have been shooting just about every day and it is nearly impossible to keep up. So, I am doing my best to blog everything and some will have to wait until things slow down!!!

If you follow me on Instagram (@mollyannesphotos) you have seen a ton of these two. Lindsay and Pat’s South End session was too good not to post tons of sneak peeks of. We wondered around the adorable streets of the South End a few weeks ago and then ended up on their rooftop sipping champagne and talking about life. I am fairly certain I overstayed my welcome, but when you give me bubbles to drink that’s what happens. I got home way passed my bedtime. Hanging out with them made me so excited for their wedding even though it seems like a light year away. But we all know how fast time flies and it will be here before ewe know it. OK… with that said here are some of my favorites from their session!



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