Leah & Derek

December 15, 2017

I am siting here in my studio STARVING. I literally am so hungry all I can hear is the rumbling on my stomach. YES I ATE BREAKFAST! I have honestly been SO slammed lately that poor Leah and Derek have been waiting way longer than I like for their wedding images. I  seriously pride myself on getting people their images within a month and this is def over a month. I am so sorry guys. So, instead of running to go eat lunch I forced myself to fight through the stomach pains to get this bad boy uploaded. This wedding brought me to North Carolina, which is amazing, but the most amazing part about it was that it was Erics cousin! So not only did Eric and I go, but his family went as well. It is always so so so so good to see his family and the fact that we were all together on such an amazing day was incredible. Derek also had his family with him who were amazing. At the rehearsal dinner his parents went around to every table welcoming us which was awesome. From the time we got there to the time we left I had a smile on my face the entire time and I think you guys did too! The icing on the cake for me was after the wedding we went back to the hotel. I could barely walk my body was so tired. We sat at a fire pit outside the hotel and ordered McDonald’s AND IT WAS DELIVERED TO US. Who knew you could get McDonald’s delivered? I didn’t, and to be honest I wish I never found out. Anyways guys I have made you wait long enough. So here are a few of my favorite images from this incredible day. ONE MORE THING… I need to send a HUGE shout out to Yuri Vaysgant who I hired to second shoot for me. Not going to lie, its so scary not meeting someone until they are shooting with you but I literally couldn’t have asked for a better second shooter. SO MOVE TO MA AND SHOOT WITH ME!!!! Anyway if you are in NC and looking for a photographer Check out Yuri Vaysgant Photography


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