Lauren + Tyler

November 8, 2017

Today is Wednesday and I have officially blogged EVERY day this week. Kind of mind blowing. The best part is that I have this weekend off so it isn’t like I am going to be adding another wedding onto my editing list. THANK YOU GOD. I am legit getting SUPER caught up this week. Its the best feeling getting images turned around and getting emails from them with such excitement. I have a pretty awesome job!!

Lauren and Tyler got married in October and it was such a relaxed/laid back wedding. So many times I walk into the brides perpetration room and its like a bomb went off. I pulled up to Lauren’s house and I thought I was at the wrong spot. There weren’t any cars and it was SILENT. Turns out she just wanted it to be quiet while she got ready so it was just her, her mom, her dad and her cousin. It was so peaceful. Even when the girls arrived it was still quiet. Totally amazing. The entire day just flowed smoothly and it was a blast. Wait until you guys see the reception pictures. This crowd knew how to have a good time. The dance floor was jam packed from the first song until I left. It made the night so fun for me! I had my girl Jill with me and we had an absolute blast. I may have almost hit the ride and groom with the golf cart, but almost doesn’t count. Who knew golf carts went in reverse WOOOOPS. Here are a few of my favorites from Lauren and Tyler’s wedding!

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