Lauren + Jim

October 24, 2017

Hey guys! All day today I kept thinking it was Monday, but then I realized it was Tuesday. To be honest I’m not sure if I am happy or sad. The next two weeks are two of the busiest weeks of my season so far. Between weddings, engagement sessions, portrait sessions, album design meetings, and client meetings I am out EVERY SINGLE NIGHT. No, I am not exaggerating that is real life. BUT I can smell winter and a little break. We were at our little camp this weekend because I had a wedding up there. Eric and I drove up late Thursday, I shot Friday, and then we stayed the weekend in Maine. Such a great weekend. SO SO SO much fun. My wedding on Friday was literally a blast. I got semi emotional leaving. Then I got to spend the remainder of the weekend with my family!!!!

Meet my first couple for my 2018 season! Lauren and Jimmy!! These two getting married this winter but it still counts as my first wedding in 2018. I am actually counting them as my last wedding of the season. They kind of check off two boxes!! Their engagement session was how every engagement session should be… starting and ending with a drink. We met at Parish Café which is one of my favorite spots ever. We chatted and laughed our butts off for about an hour. Then we wondered over to the esplanade where we watched the sun go down over the city. After that we decided we should probably have a final drink before calling it a night. We had SO SO much fun. I honestly felt like I was hanging out with two friends and randomly taking pictures. This session made me SO excited for their wedding. It will be here before we know it!! Guys, I had way too much fun with you guys. This is a good sign for your wedding ;)

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