Lauren & Greg

December 20, 2017

What better way to spend hump day than to blog a wedding? Am I right? This week is  dragging for me because I am pretty pumped for Xmas. Although, when its over I am always like “now what?”. I mean winter is kind of gross but when the lights are up its always so pretty. When they come down its just depressing. Don’t get me wrong I like winter for a few reasons but its not the prettiest time of year for sure.

Meet Lauren and Greg! These two live in NY so I actually didn’t meet them until the day of their wedding. That is a little scary for me because I never know what I am walking into. Luckily for me when I got to the girls they were all extremely nice. Like girls I could be friends with. I kid you not I didn’t meet Greg until I ran (literally ran) outside for the first look. This time of year is pretty challenging because the light goes SO fast. I was getting ready to head to the first look when Catherine, my second shooter, texted me saying “hurry the light is going super fast”. That is literally the last thing you want to hear as a photographer who loves natural light. We kicked it into high gear and ran around the city VERY FAST. I have to give a few shout outs. Catherine I have never seen you run so much. Literally RUNNING to fix Lauren’s dress, to run out of the shot, to go get a fur that was left behind. To Kacie with Kacie Corbelle hair… HOLY COW you literally wore every single hat during this wedding. She stayed until the reception started and when Catherine ran back into the hotel to find a hotel key to get Lauren’s fur she was my assistant. Kacie seriously had hairspray in each pocket, her bag of brushes on one shoulder, my lenses on the other and was holding my flashes. I mean she did it ALL. This day was literally a team effort and it was amazing. Wait until you see the details. OH MY GOSH. Spot on. Lauren you killed it with details and nothing went unnoticed. Here are some of my favorites from this beautiful Lenox Hotel wedding. 

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