I love my studio… I really do. But with all the humidity we have been having it is SO hot and sticky in there. I couldn’t take it anymore. So, I packed up my computer and all of my stuff and moved it into my dining room. Don’t get me wrong, I love working from home, but OMG I am about to kill Tiller. You all know how obsessed with him I am, but he thinks that we should be playing ALL DAY LONG. He is currently sitting on the side of me with his Frisbee waiting to play. LEAVE ME ALONE FOR FIVE MINUTES… JUST FIVE!!!

OK Lauren and John… These two are LUCKY ducks. As I was driving down to the cape for their wedding it was DOWN POURING. I’m talking wind blowing the rain sideways. Just awful. The weathermen kept saying it would clear in the afternoon, but I didn’t think it was possible because it was raining that hard. Luckily the clouds cleared and the sun came out. When the sun came out IT CAME OUT. The humidity was brutal and it was just SUPER hot. I kept saying how warm it was and John would say “really Molly…. I am in a freaking suit”. My bad, but still I was hot. These two were as adorable as ever. Willowbend was the perfect backdrop for them especially with the barn that has the American Flag. John LOVES the American flag. Even work flag socks to their engagement session. So, this post has lots of red, white and blue YEY AMERICA!!!! Here are a few of my favorites form the day!!


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