Kelly & Chris: Wychmere Beach Club Wedding

Yesterday was such a great day. My new printer came in the mail, my new lens caps came in the mail, and I got the call I have been waiting for. My 70-200mm lens came back from repair!!!!!!! It has been two and a half months! I am literally so excited about this that I could have cried when I got the call. NO MORE RENTING!!!!!!

On to Kelly and Chris. I have been so excited to edit these photos. I knew that I was going to love EVERYTHING about them. To be honest it is kind of hard not to. The venue, Wychmere Beach Club, is beyond breathtaking. Chris and Kelly are flawless, and their event specialist, Karen, made everything go SO smoothly. I have seen my fair share of coordinators at venues and they are all lovely, but Karen kept everyone in line and she had everyone in place the entire day. There was absolutely NO stress at all and nothing left unturned. From the beginning Kelly, Chris and I were in close communication about their wedding day. A first look was not in their cards. As we got closer to the wedding, Kelly, realized that the sun went down much sooner than anticipated. I also started to realize this was going to be an issue so we set up a call to chat about options. Thankfully Kelly knew that if she wanted great photos of her amazing venue a first look was a must. When I showed up on that Friday I had never seen such a calm relaxed group of people. It was just Kelly, her mother and her three sisters. Everyone was doing their own thing and Kelly was getting her makeup done off in the most perfect bridal suite I had ever seen. I almost didn’t even feel like it was a wedding because things were so calm. Samantha, my second shooter for the day said the exact same thing about the guys. All I can say is I pray that Eric and I are just like the two of them on our wedding day. I cant even tell you how much I enjoyed everything about this day. You two are amazing and I am super happy for you. Thanks so much for having me be there and be a part of everything!! It was really perfect.

Here are my favorites that Samantha and I got.

Lets talk about Kelly’s eyes shall we???????

Kelly’s mother did a speech so this is her practicing with her daughter.

Sam was with Chris while he got ready.

Kelly and I are totally on the same page about having things spotless when getting ready. The two of us cleaned this room to put it back into place.

LOVE this of the girls looking on as Kelly put the finishing touches together.

Here is the man of the hour, Chris.

Sam grabbed this.

We headed down to the beach and oh my gosh was it BRIGHT and WINDY

Then we headed over to this little overpass which I fell in love with as I drove onto the property


Possible favorite

These are back at Wychmere inside.

Some details

How appropriate is this boat?

At this point the girls and I headed over to marina where we picked up a sailboat to sail into the reception. COULDNT LOVE IT ANY MORE.


Sam got the next three while we were on our way over.

Sam was on land and grabbed these, which I LOVE

Love the next two from Sam


Two of my best friends Ali, and Max on the right.


THANKS so much to “light guy”. Some awesome kid volunteered to help me with my lights!

HAD SO MUCH FUN GUYS!! Thanks again for having me there.



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