Guys I’m not going to lie. The last few weeks have been insane. I mean literally bananas. I feel like I have been gone 24/7. Weddings have been busy, but so have engagement sessions. I am averaging about three a week. I am SUPER thankful that the last few sessions have been something a little different. I always tell clients to pick a spot that is meaningful to the two of them, and have it be unique. I LOVE it when clients take my advice.

Meet Kate and Ruben. Kate grew up going to Bakers beach in Westport, MA and it just so happens to be the most beautiful beach ever. There are so many HUGE sand dunes that you are actually allowed on. And not to mention the beach cabanas are ADORABLE. The night the three of us met up Boston was getting a monsoon. I seriously had about six notifications on my phone about flooding in Boston. I have NO clue how, but in Westport it was the most magical night. The skies were pinkish purple and the air was warm with a light mist from the ocean. It literally was as good as I just made it sound. We walked around the dunes, then the beach for about an hour. I could have stayed all night. These two literally made my soul happy. Do you ever meet people that just make you happy? These two are them. They are so down to earth and comforting. I am not shocked considering Kate is related to one of my all-time favorite brides, Shannon! Anyway I am so incredibly happy to have these two for my 2018 season. I feel so lucky! I miss you guys and that beach more thank you know!!

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