Kate & Rick

January 17, 2018

Howdy everyone! Happy hump day! I honestly feel like this week is FLYING by. Maybe because I had a long weekend, but I cant believe its already Wednesday. It seems as though all my clients are having babies so tomorrow and Friday I have newborn sessions, which means today I have been sitting in front of my computer editing my butt off. My watch keeps telling me to “stand”. Does it not understand that I have a wedding to blog???

Speaking of blogs… Kate and Rick are hitting the blog right now! These two… oh man these two. It was love at first sight. I literally kid you not. From the second they walked in my studio I had this feeling that I was meant to shoot their wedding. They were meant to come into my world. From the day they booked until this very second I have chatted with Kate pretty often. Literally we are chatting right now. Her text messages make me laugh so hard. Rick is a saint. Kate reminds me a LOT of me, but  a way funnier version. Just about everything she does makes me laugh. And as I am laughing I look over at Rick and he smiles and chuckles along. Kate and Rick have an AMAZING set of friends and family who were so much fun to be with on their wedding. They were SUCH troopers. The day of their wedding it was a high of 6 degrees with wind. When Kate asked everyone to go outside everyone was totally on board. At one point Rick asked Kate if she was crying or if the tears were from the cold. I’m pretty sure her response was “I’m not sure”. These two are a force to be reckoned with. There is nothing but magic ahead for them. I honestly feel so extremely lucky that I got to photograph their wedding and that I have a friendship  going forward. Even if that means driving to the Mt. Washington to rescue them on their honeymoon I totally would. Love you guys to the moon XOXOXO
Photographer: Molly Anne Photography
Second Shooter: Catherine Threlkeld
Venue: Omni Parker House
Coordinator: Elegant Aura
Band: Freestyle
Hair/Makeup: La Beautique
Dress: Allure
Bridesmaids: Dessy
Grooms Tux: Brooks Brothers
Flwers: Pepperberrys
Invitations Goosefish Press
Calligraphy: Mulberry and Elm

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