Julie + Alex

November 7, 2017

Guys I haven’t been to the gym in over a month… OVER A MONTH. I typically go at least four times a week but because I am so out of the loop its like nearly impossible to get back into the swing of it. Like the thought of going makes me want to cry. I keep saying “Ill start back up next week”. But each week I come up with an excuse and honestly each week I think will start to get slower but it doesn’t. I am really feeling fluffier than ever. HELP ME!!!!!

Meet Julie and Alex. Julie has actually been on my blog before. I shot her sister Kadi’s wedding a few years back and literally fell in love with their entire family. It was so much freaking fun so when Julie sent me an email I was PRAYING it would work out. When she and Alex came into the studio I was hoping more than ever that they would book. They were so sweet and amazing. Most importantly laid back. That is HUGE. Because Julie lives in NY and Alex is currently living in Europe we had to have a sunrise engagement session. As I drove to Sudbury I kept thinking “why is the sun NOT coming out”. It finally did but it was still pretty dark because it was SO overcast. As we were wrapping up the session it started to mist. We seriously just got it in before the rain started to come down. I cant wait for your wedding next season guys. We are going to have a blast!!

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