Jackie & Sean

July 17, 2018

Today is like groundhog day for me. I am sitting in front of a huge fan trying to cool down after an AM boudoir session. The girls that have come into my studio this week are troopers because it is HOT. Luckily they will have that fan blown look going because that’s all we had. I have been searching high and low for those portable AC units and it seems like they don’t exist anywhere near me. The worst part of it being so hot in here is that the ice melts in my coffee so fast that I cant even drink it. Not good at allllllllll. Anyway I am plugging along at my editing because the next few weeks are going to be INSANE. I have three double header weekends coming up which means before I know it I will being way over my head in editing. So, I continue to sit here with the fan blasting on me plugging away.

Remember Jackie and Sean? These two were the first couple to book me for 2018. It seems like years ago, well it kind of was, but not really. I actually met them at a wedding I was photographing a few years back so when I got an email from them wanting to chat about their own wedding it was really exciting. Their day couldnt have gone any better. I mean it was so laid back and enjoyable. The three of us spent a lot of time going over timelines and locations for photos. We did all of their portraits at Boston College which is BEYOND beautiful. This is where they met, and also where their ceremony was so it only made sense to do portraits here as well. The campus is so large that we met up ahead of time to pick the spots we would shoot. That made things SO easy for the day of their wedding. As we drove from Jackies moms house to BC there was a light mist but as soon as we got there it stopped. We lucked out pretty good. Their ceremony was so personal and the priest was literally adorable. He may have forgotten to have them do a first kiss, but we marched back up to that alter just so they could have that experience. Anyway I wont keep you any longer but wait until you see the first look with her and her dad. I cried. Full blown tears. It was so amazing. Everything about this day was amazing…

Miss you guys… xo

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