I try to take one day mid week off every week. ESPECIALLY if I have a wedding the weekend before. With it being the 4th week I already have had two days off BUT today I am treating myself to ANOTHER day off. Myself along with seven of my favorite people who just so happen to be Boston wedding photographers are having a pool day. I am super excited, but would be more excited if I hadn’t eaten so much over the last few days because getting into a baiting suite is going to suck!! So, if you need me today I will be floating in a pool with a Corona in hand!

Meet Jackie and Sean. These two are ADORABLE. I mean that in every single way possible. They are the sweetest people ever and they are just so cute. I met them at Despina and Jakes wedding last September and I am so so happy that Jackie emailed me to shoot their wedding in 2018. We spent the evening wondering around Boston on one of the most perfect nights ever. The weather was perfection and the city wasn’t even that busy. It was one of those nights that you think to yourself “wow I am so lucky to live in this amazing state with so much history”. It was also one of those nights where I wanted to pinch myself because I felt so lucky to be doing what I love to do so much. Sean and Jacky were SO SO easy to photograph. They just literally melt into each other. I typically and saying “get closer… no like even closer”. But with these two I never once had to say that. They just meshed together but then were so cute being silly and candid. Guys, I cant wait until your big day because if we had this much fun at your engagement session your wedding day is going to be insane!!


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