I am going to say something that might not make me a ton of friends. I am ready for a snow storm. Like really ready. We headed up North this weekend to ski and man was it bad. This is the first time that we really could feel the wrath of mother nature up there. It is so warm they cant even make snow. We took two runs (according to Alison and Annie it was 10) and had to call it a day. SO SAD. I just am ready for ski season! Everyone asks me what I do in the off season and I say “ski”. Pretty soon I am going to have to find something else to say.

Meet Elise and Peter. These two (and Elise’s mom) are three of my new favorite people. Elise and her mom came into the studio a week before their engagement session to chat about the wedding and engagement session. Elise literally had taken photos of her outfits to get my opinion. BONUS POINTS RIGHT AWAY. She was having Pete, who lives in Minnesota, send photos of outfits that he wanted to wear. I bet most guys would get annoyed by that but Pete is just an all around awesome guy. We did their shoot the night before Thanksgiving because Pete was only in town for a few days. As I drove up to Marblehead I had XMAS music on and my mood was pretty spectacular. I had a great lunch with Annie and Lindsay which made my mood even better. By the time I got to Elise and Peter I was ready to go. These two KILLED it. I mean from beginning to end they were amazing. Not only were they beyond photogenic but they were fun. We laughed so hard and wondered around Marblehead, which is one of my new favorite places to shoot! We totally lucked out with the most gorgeous day ever. I mean it was spectacular. The sunset was one of the best I have seen in a long time. Wait until you see the golden/red sunset that we got. It was just breathtaking. I could go on and on about how I have a crush on these two but I will just end it here. Elise you have found yourself an amazing/true gentleman and Pete, you have found yourself a stunning/kind hearted lady!! I have to give a quick shout out to Annie (another 2016 bride/friend) who came along to assist. THANK YOU SO SO MUCH!! LOVE YOU! Peter and Elise, I cant wait for your Corinthian Yacht Club wedding next fall!!! Pray for a day like this one!ELISE + PETER_0002ELISE + PETER_0003ELISE + PETER_0004ELISE + PETER_0005ELISE + PETER_0006ELISE + PETER_0007ELISE + PETER_0008ELISE + PETER_0009ELISE + PETER_0011ELISE + PETER_0012ELISE + PETER_0013ELISE + PETER_0014ELISE + PETER_0015ELISE + PETER_0016ELISE + PETER_0017ELISE + PETER_0018ELISE + PETER_0019ELISE + PETER_0020ELISE + PETER_0021ELISE + PETER_0022ELISE + PETER_0023ELISE + PETER_0024ELISE + PETER_0025ELISE + PETER_0026ELISE + PETER_0027ELISE + PETER_0028ELISE + PETER_0029ELISE + PETER_0030ELISE + PETER_0031ELISE + PETER_0032ELISE + PETER_0033ELISE + PETER_0034ELISE + PETER_0035ELISE + PETER_0036ELISE + PETER_0037ELISE + PETER_0038ELISE + PETER_0039ELISE + PETER_0040ELISE + PETER_0041ELISE + PETER_0042ELISE + PETER_0043ELISE + PETER_0044


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