Danielle & Marshall

June 25, 2018

Happy Monday guys! Hope everyone had an awesome weekend despite the less than pleasant weather. Eric and I had a date night on Friday and it was much needed. I feel like I have been shooting non stop! So, we went to Long Live Brewery in RI, which was so good. If you like craft beers you should totally go check this place out. Super funky with great beer!! Saturday I spent the day with two of my favorite clients shooting their amazing wedding. It was literally fifteen minutes down the road from my house which was absolutely amazing. I cant wait to share their sneak peek this week. Its adorable. Sunday was spent half “adulting” and half hanging with friends. Can I just tell you the last thing I want to do after a day of shooting is clean and grocery shop, but I didn’t really have an option. Anyway over all my weekend was a success and now its literally go time in my studio as I edit, blog, and cull alllllll week!!

The first lucky couple of the week is Danielle and Marshall. Danielle and Marshall got married at one of my all time favorite venues, Castle Hill Inn. I literally love it there so much. Rain or shine the venue is amazing. Unfortunately for these two the day of their wedding was pretty rainy. And by pretty rainy I mean very. I kind of feel like a broken record because just about every wedding I have been blogging I say how rainy it was. But I honestly think Danielle and Marshall win the award for the rainiest wedding so far this season. These two didn’t let the weather dampen their day at all. We did the best we could shooting outside but at times it was so bad we had to run in. There are tons of brides that would have thrown a fit and refused to go out but Danielle was the coolest bride ever and did whatever I suggested (even when I was secretly doubting myself and thinking I was crazy asking her to go out in the rain). Their day was filled with so so much love. Their good friend married them and told stories from years ago when they first met. It was seriously so moving and personal. The speeches were exactly the same. Danielle and Marshall laughed and cried as their best friends told stories about the two of them and how special they each are. I was so happy to be a part of such an amazing day. Here are a few of my favorites from their beautiful wedding.



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