Danielle & Marshall

October 30, 2017

MONDAY MONDAY MONDAY! Mondays are usually my day off, but this time of year its not really possible… AT ALL. I am kind of OCD about getting people their images within a month of their wedding and within 2-3 weeks from their engagement session. I am really struggling to keep this going. HELP ME! My dad always told me that it is better to be busy than to me slow so I just keep repeating that over and over. AND I have amazing clients who understand and don’t mind. ANYWAY… that brings me to these two gorgeous human beings. And wait until you see her dress. This dress is everything.

I met Marshall and Danielle for the first time at their engagement session but I honestly felt like I had known them for a long time. There was no awkward conversation or silent moments. Lets be honest there are never many silent moments with me but I fear them regardless. We met at the Boston Public Library where we quickly got kicked out but the images we captured while we were there are perfection. I am the type of person that plays by the rules. I don’t know why, but I do. I mean here and there I will break them for a killer shot, but the fact that a woman came up to us and literally kicked us out kinda sucked. AND the worst part was somehow she knew who I was and sent me an email. EEEK not a good feeling. So, after that we moved on to the Seaport where Marshall actually proposed to Danielle. How perfect is that??? By the time we got there with Boston traffic the sun was behind the buildings but it was magical no matter what. I cant wait for their wedding next┬áSeason. Here are some of my favorites from their session.

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