Claire & Sebastian

July 27, 2018

Guys I am going to confess something. I am overwhelmed. I am going to confess to something else. I am a perfectionist and put WAY too much pressure on myself. So, with the amount of weddings I am shooting this season and the amount of bookings coming in for next year I am totally overwhelmed. What I have learned is that being overwhelmed isn’t always a bad thing. It can be kind of humbling. I am so blessed with all of the amazing clients I get to photograph this year. I am also beyond blessed with the amount of people reaching out to me for next year. It is honestly so insane to me that there are so many people that want me to shoot their weddings. Because I am a perfectionist I am SO hard on myself. Every wedding I shoot has to be my best. We all know weddings aren’t perfect so its not always possible to shoot your absolute best every wedding even if you try your hardest. Every wedding I leave I think about what I could have done differently. And this is what is overwhelming to me. Its exhausting to sit here editing THOUSANDS of images thinking “I should have done this” or “why didn’t I think about this”. My brain never shuts off. My mom and dad have always told me that I need to not be so hard on myself. But then I wonder if those feelings are what push me to get better each season. The next two weeks are going to be pretty crazy for me. I have some family commitments, a shoot on Nantucket, and then we head to P-Town for a few nights. I should be so excited. I get to see family and have some time to relax and get away from my computer. But instead I am stressed. I am stressed that I wont be sitting here with a fan blowing on my face because its 100 degrees in my studio editing. I’m stressed that I wont be able to answer emails super fast. I am stressed that clients might have to wait an extra week for images. But I deserve a little get away and everything will be right here waiting for me when I get back. And when I get back I will be nice and refreshed ready to take on the wedding world.

Please tell me you remember these two? Their engagement session goes down as one of my all time favorite engagement sessions ever. It was so unreal and stunning. Leading up to their wedding I was SUPER excited because I knew how awesome Claire and Seb are. Usually when the couple is amazing so are their wedding parties and families. This was the situation with this wedding. The day of their wedding came and it was 94 degrees. It was HOT HOT HOT. Willowdale had AC, but honestly no AC could keep up with this heat. These two were such troopers. We may have sweat our butts off but I think it was totally worth it. They had such an amazing ceremony with a family friend who married them. Both of their moms did a reading, which was so sweet. And when it came time for the reception no heat was keeping people off the dance floor. It was PACKED. Claire and Seb definitely know how to throw a party!! Guys I am so happy that I was a part of your day and I cant wait to see what the future holds for you two!


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