Ashlie & Sean

June 20, 2018

I seriously feel like each week is going by faster than the week before. Time is flying and somehow its going to be June 21st tomorrow. HOW?? I haven’t even made it to the beach yet, which makes me super sad. I have been getting to my studio every day by 8:30AM and before i know it, its 3PM and I haven’t moved once. Engagement sessions are starting to pick up so now nights are spent shooting which I LOVE because it gets me outside and wondering around amazingly beautiful locations. Ashlie and Sean were my first engagement session of the season and I met them in the most magical place. We met at Sean’s parents place in Osterville, which is on the Cape. It was honestly the most amazing night. The light was perfect. I mean PERFECT! We wondered around their incredible house then headed to the beach. Wait until you see this beach. It was MIND blowing. It was my dream location. The beach was on one side, and the bay was on the other. There was water surrounding us. We had the most amazing sunset to work with and these two absolutely rocked this session beyond belief. Sean and Ashlie definitely get an A+. Their outfits were perfect and they were so natural in front of the camera which isn’t always easy. I had SO much fun and I honestly felt like I was hanging around with friends. Maybe its because Sean went to Curry and we had that in common. Or maybe its just because they are awesome people!!! Anyway I am super pumped about these photos and even more pumped for their 2019 wedding! Guys, you were the absolute best!!!!!



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