Amanda & Ryan

June 4, 2018

HAPPY MONDAY … said no one ever. To be fair I used to love Mondays. The last few seasons I have always taken Monday off as a way to recuperate from a weekend of shooting. This season I have decided to take Fridays off. I am going to be very honest with you and tell you that right about now I am wishing I took Mondays off. I am sitting in my studio swearing at my computer because NOTHING is working. It took almost an hour for me to get my editing software open and it keeps crashing every three minutes. So, what should have taken me about an hour to do has been about four hours in the works and it STILL is not working. This is when I wish I had a 9-5 job with an IT department. Once I post this bad Larry I am going to have to shut my computer down for the 3rd time and hope that works. I mean I am NOT a violent person by any stretch of the imagination, but I could literally take a bat to my computer. OK OK OK RANT OVER.

You guys MUST remember Amanda and Ryan. These two literally had one of the most incredible engagement sessions ever… EVER. Captain Bob (Ryan’s dad) and Lisa (Ryans mom) took us out on their boat for a sunset cruise and then we anchored at the most magical beach ever where we jumped off the boat and walked to shore. I mean Bob and Lisa are very lucky they didn’t have me crashing on their couch that night. We seriously had so much fun!! Ever since then I have been DYING for their wedding. As time got closer and we started looking at the weather it wasn’t looking good. Like not good at all. In fact as I drove down to Castle Hill Inn it was raining pretty good. Amanda was as cool as a cucumber even with the rains. I think she knew that she was marrying her best friend and that was all that mattered. BUT as we drove from the house they rented to CHI the rain literally just stopped, and it stopped for two hours. As soon as we wrapped up ALL formals the rain started to dump again. I mean it was coming down HARD. This has been such a crazy season with the weather we have been having. I have learned that weather is one thing you cant control but you can control you outlook on it. Whether it is sunny or rainy the outcome of the day is going to be the same. You are going to be surrounded by the most important people in your life while you marry your best friend. The next few weddings that hit my blog will all have the same story. RAIN, LOVE, and more love. Amanda and Ryan thank you SO much for letting me be a part of your wedding. I am going to miss the crap out of you guys but I know I will see you both again for sure. I also want to give a huge shout out to Molly and Patrick from Castle Hill Inn for being super accommodating and stalking the radar for me letting me know how much time we had left until the next burst of rain came through. And of course a big thanks to my girl Cat for second shooting and running around the rain with me! XO

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